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Copies of email conversations

Some emails between David Rawlings (Bypass Steering Group and Cllr. John Taylor, regarding the TRO and Flockton 4 October 2018 (PDF format)

Highway Design Guide – Kirklees Council

Other documents online

Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs)

Kirklees Council Committee details

Kirklees Council Chief Executive, strategic directors and service directors

Summary notes of the meeting with Cllr. Peter McBride and Liz Twitchett on 14 September 2018 (Word doc or PDF versions). Read more about the meeting ‘Cllr Peter McBride in Flockton for over 2½ hours’.

Kirklees Council’s Petitions Scheme (View or download the full document)

Full Council Debates (Page 5)
If a petition contains more than 3000 signatures it will be debated by Full Council unless it is a petition asking for a senior Council officer to give evidence at a public meeting, or is resolved before the meeting to the Petition Organisers satisfaction.

… and for the petition:
A minimum of 3000 separate, valid signatures are required for Full Council.

Letter to Jesse Norman MP from Paula Sherriff 23 January 2018 (click on letter to enlarge)

letter - letter -

Flockton Bypass – Commons Transcripts, from the 1970s.

HC Deb 17 February 1970 vol 796 cc370-8 (External website)

HC Deb 25 April 1972 vol 835 cc1505-12 (External website)

Strategic Road Network (SRN) Document – August 2015 House of Commons