Work on the culvert – Pinfold Lane

Update posted by Cllr Richard Smith 10 July 2019

Information regarding Pinfold Lane, Flockon. Please see text of letter from Kirklees for information:

We would like to inform you that there are some drainage works due to commence on Pinfold Lane. This work is being carried out to upgrade the culvert/ drainage system. The work will commence on Monday 15th July 2019 and is likely to last for approximately 3 weeks (weather permitting). The works will be undertaken during the day using 2 way traffic lights. Access will still be available for residents, however there will be times when we will need your cooperation to move any vehicles belonging to yourself or people visiting you. It is inevitable that the works will cause a degree of inconvenience and we will do what we can to keep this to a minimum.If you have any questions about the work, please contact Callum Mapplebeck or Danny Ryan on: 01484 221000 or email: . If you need to contact us outside office hours, please ring Highways Customer Care on freephone: 0800 731 8765.

Revision note, 11 September 2019 – The email in this post is no longer recognised, but you may be able to find a suitable contact from this page:

26 June 2019

We are due to start some work, on an existing culvert on Pinfold Lane, in the next two to three weeks. We will send a letter out to  any residents directly affected by the proposed works nearer the start date.

The map below, shows roughly the length of culvert that we shall be working on (red line). The existing culvert has been constructed as part of the dry stone wall, as such, rather than excavate the culvert, we will be laying a new pipe along the verge edge of carriageway, diverting the culvert into this pipe.

Pinfold map of works -

The works shall be carried out on two way traffic control.

Darren Pickering
Group Engineer
Economy & Infrastructure, Commercial, Regulatory & Operational Services
Highways Operations


Update on the Crossing Walk and Bypass Petition

From the Bypass Steering Group meeting Monday 24 June 2019

Calendar News will be turning up about 4 near/at school (small van only), couple of interviews, including a female with children present, (gender diversity etc., quoted), some filming, then going live at about 6.10 pm

The walk across the zebra crossings will take place on Monday 1 July 2019,  meeting at 4 pm at the school/church entrance driveway if possible. For those of you able to join us – and we really hope you will – please bring window posters, home made banners, etc.

20 mph signs have also started to appear, painted on the roads, today (1 July 2019)

As some of you may be aware, handing in our petition of support for a bypass to Kirklees Council, has not been easy! However, we will now hand it in on 17 July 2019. David Rawling will make his deputation. The council will take the petition and verify it. Councillors will them put it to the council to debate on 18 September at the council meeting.

Police visit
Police have told us they will visit the village in the next couple of weeks to do some traffic enforcement. We'll wait and see!


Request to Flockton Villagers

The road through Flockton village is not fit for purpose and is no longer safe.

The 20 mph limit is having a reverse effect on public safety, as drivers are tailgating, abusing drivers respecting the 20 mph, and even overtaking dangerously in narrow and congested areas with restricted visibility for hazards.

Car and van parking on the road is also causing problems, due to the removal of the lay-by that was situated by the new club car park.

We are asking the council to revisit the village to see the current problems. The Police originally stated they would patrol the village to prosecute the speeders and the illegal HGV's, but so far they have only attended once since the changes came into force in April.

The Bypass Group (of about a dozen core people) only have the villagers' safety in our minds, but we cannot do everything alone.

Please help us by writing to the council with your own concerns. This will add further weight to our requests for some positive changes.

View and/or download (and share) our letter to residents, here.

Please keep checking and sharing this website, and the facebook social media groups for the Flockton Bypass and Flockton Community, to keep up-to-date with all of the local information about Flockton in general, and any future actions we have planned for our village safety and bypass campaign, in particular. We also have other social media links here.

Joe Walker
Principal Engineer
Highway Safety
Kirklees Council
01484 221000


Spelling It Out To Rat Run Coaches

4 June 2019

For some time now, a number of coaches have been passing through Flockton, from the Grange Moor end of the village, towards the M1. Cllr Kathryn Middleton has been trying to get this situation changed for some time and now it looks as if more will finally be done.

No buses over 8 seats

"National Holidays have been illegally travelling through Flockton daily. I have been unable to get them to stop, but Joe today has spoken to them and is arranging to put the 'No buses over 8 seats' signs in place." – Cllr Kathryn Middleton

Joe Walker (Principal Engineer, Highway Safety, Kirklees Council) says:

"I've rung National Express and whilst the chap I spoke to was in agreement that the current signs should be sufficient, we agreed that  some drivers may interpret them differently. The TRO covers coaches, so  we are able to add 'no coaches' signs without needing another Order.  This is annoying as it's a technicality, but these things are sent to  try us.

"I'll visit site this week to assess what can be done, and get the extra  signs up asap." – Joe Walker