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Flockton by David R - flocktonbypass.co.ukFlockton village required at least 3,000 signatures before our bypass request could be debated by Kirklees Council.  On 17 July 2019, we presented 4,007 signatures to Kirklees Council, triggering a debate in the near future. Thanks to all our supporters.  (Read more …)


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Flockton's Road Inspires New Song

After experiencing Flockton's traffic situation, Huddersfield resident, Furstch Laghst, felt inspired to put his feelings into song:

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Traffic lights demolished – 31 Oct 2021

At some time around 2:00 am on Sunday 31 October 2021, a car managed to demolish Flockton's traffic calming traffic lights before coming to rest on its roof and the driver scarpering!

Several residents reported and discussed the accident on local social media groups and expressed their anger and concern that yet another major accident had occurred, though fortunately without fatalities.


car on roof - flocktonbypass.co.uk

car on rook - flocktonbypass.co.uk

Furthermore, some residents ran a few checks:

Tax and MOT status - flocktonbypass.co.uk


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More Disruption on Barnsley Road – Cable Repairs

John Taylor (via Flockton fb Community) "I have been notified this morning about some emergency roadworks on Barnsley Rd which will no doubt cause some disruption."

Please be advised emergency cable repair works have commenced on Barnsley Road, Flockton, Wakefield near to its junction with Park Side.

The emergency works commenced on 6 October 2021. The traffic management for the works is 2-way temporary traffic signals which are to be manually operated between the hours of 07:00 and 19:00.

Northern Powergrid have advised they anticipate the works to be completed on 12 October 2021.

See other local road information which may affect you, here.


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Second Accident on School Crossing Within a Couple of Weeks

16 August 2021

Our local resident who posted on our facebook group previously, discovered another incident on CCTV today:

Bypass campaigner, David Rawling, asks locals to, "Please send your concerns to Kirklees Council’s Chief Executive, Jacqui Gedman and cc Mr. P. McBride."

Some of the growing list of comments include:

This is getting worrying…

The way it’s going there will be traffic light crossings soon.

… we need average speed cameras.

If they were going 20 mph shouldn’t be a problem to stop!!!

We stopped at the crossing a few days ago to let a young boy cross with his bike and 5 cars came through the other way before the sixth one stopped and they were going faster than 20.

Be safer to take your chances crossing the road away from pedestrian crossing.


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Accident on Flockton School Crossing

Sunday 1 August 2021

A local resident posted on our facebook group:

"Just wondering if anyone else was aware of the accident on the zebra crossing near the school around 1.30 this afternoon. A car stopped to let a pedestrian across and another car ran into the back of it shunting it down the road. Fortunately the pedestrian had not put a foot on the crossing or he would have been wiped out. Apparently the policeman couldn’t believe we had a 20mph limit with no traffic calming measures."

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Local Developments At Cooper Bridge

In addition to Flockton's immediate road issues, we also keep an eye on surrounding road developments which could affect traffic flow through and around the village. You can read about these other local road issues here.

Survey and presentation here
(We need as many as possible completing this)

In recent comments on social media platforms, Cllr. Martyn Bolt, posted the following on 5 June 2021:

"You may recall the motion approved and adopted by the Full Council at Kirklees regarding impact studies as a result of planned major road schemes?

Strangely Kirklees staff seem oblivious to this when talking about the next plans for the cooper bridge relief scheme, and no consideration of traffic impact on the B6118 has been done."

Council minutes from 7 November 2018
Motion submitted in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 14 as to Flockton Traffic Issues:
To consider the following Motion in the names of Councillors Smith, J Taylor and D Hall.
“This Council notes that work is now underway to produce an Option Assessment Report in relation to the North Kirklees Orbital Route which will help to determine if this is a viable scheme to develop.
Additionally the £77 million Cooper Bridge by pass, linking the A644 near junction 25 M62 and the A62 near Bradley Bar is currently in the Design phase.
The Council recognises that both these schemes have the potential to significantly affect the volume and flow of traffic in and around the village of Flockton and on the B6118.
Given the existing severe traffic problems affecting the village of Flockton and the undoubted increase in the future with developments already in construction and the potential from the Local Plan , the Council recognises that even if it were to overlook the 2 major road schemes already mentioned, without intervention, this situation will only continue to deteriorate.
Therefore the council calls on the Cabinet to undertake an assessment of any impact upon the village of Flockton & B6118 from the NKOR and A62 scheme and to ensure that due consideration is given to the issues in Flockton prior to any work starting on either of these road schemes.”
Decision: Motion approved
To follow comments on this, join our facebook group

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A Footway Improvement Scheme

A message from Cllr. Richard Smith (29 April 2021)

Upgrade work is about to commence to the footpath on [A637] Barnsley Road. Further details below regarding the areas affected and timescales. Whilst this will involve some temporary inconvenience, once completed this will be a massive improvement. Businesses and residents will receive letters shortly from Kirklees. Sharing this information as early warning, which I hope is useful.

The area of work is from the entrance to Grange Moor Coachworks to just beyond the junction of Haigh Lane.

The work is due to start on Monday 17th May 2021 and will last for approximately 7 weeks, weather conditions permitting. Kirklees will be removing vegetation and resurfacing the footways, replacing some of the kerbs and undertaking some localised drainage improvements.

The main disruption to residents and other road users will be in the form of 2-way temporary traffic signals required to control traffic safely past the work areas. The signals will be operating on restricted hours between 09:30 and 15:00 Monday to Friday in order to minimise disruption as much as possible. A temporary traffic regulation order (TTRO) will also be in place to reduce the speed limit down from 50mph to 30mph. Scheme information boards will also be placed at the extents of the site, informing other road users about the works.


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Coroner – 'four deaths before action'

Reported in The Yorkshire Post, under the heading: Coroner asks for change to 'four deaths before action' rule to make improvements to road where young mother Danielle Broadhead, 33, was killed

TheYP tweetHighways chiefs in Kirklees have been urged to abandon restrictive rules that determine when safety measures can be introduced on danger roads.

(Please note the photo isn't showing the accident bend)

In a reply to Flockton Bypass campaigner, David Rawling, Councillor Martyn Bolt said:

"Kirklees see it differently I was told "I have now spoken with XXXXXXXX and can confirm that on this occasion the Coroner has asked the Council, as the Highway Authority, to consider action specific to the related accident and its location. I have been informed that the report makes no reference to current Council practices / policies with regards to our approach to highways safety. With this in mind each location will continue to be considered based on a number of factors, which will include history of accidents before deciding what works, if any, need to be undertaken to allow us the best use of finite budgets and resources. ""

You can see links to all articles on this subject in our 'accidents' section, here.


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Roadworks 4 May to 25 June 2021

Road Closures. Notification of TTRO Our Ref: TTRO 12838
Date: 24th March 2021
Location: Road closure: Speed reduction from 50mph to 30mph: Liley lane and Barnsley road, Grange Moor and Barnsley road Flockton.

Extent: From the junction of Haigh Lane to the junction of Briestfield Road – from Briestfield Road to Palace Wood Farm.

Ward: Kirkburton Ward. This document is to notify yourselves of a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order that is to be raised for the above location.

a) A copy plan indicating the extent of the restriction.
b) Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times.
c) Vehicular traffic will have access to the points of the restriction.
d) The Diversionary route will be: N/A this is a speed reduction only.
e) The order will be effected on 4th May 2021 until 25th June 2021
f) Temporary traffic regulation order for KMC for a 50mph to 30mph speed reduction for safety reasons.

If you would like any further information, please send your queries to:


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