Council Debate (Wednesday 18 September 2019)

Your support is greatly appreciated

If thinking of attending, please try to be outside for before 5 pm as that is when most councillors arrive. There will be another 5 minute speech on the call for a bypass, followed by full Council debating this, which is expected to last for up to 15 minutes. You can watch in the public ante-room, inside the Town Hall, if you wish, and we believe (and hope) that the quality of audio-visual broadcast has been upgraded since July.

Link to the Agenda including Minutes from the July Meeting when our petition was handed in for verification. (Item 8 for Bypass Debate).

Link to archive recording of the Council session of Wednesday 18 September 2019. (Bypass was item 8 on the agenda and begins at time 01:02).

Listen to audio only (Bypass debate only)

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