Flockton traffic motion carried at Kirklees Council meeting

Attending Kirklees Council's meeting on Wednesday 7 November 2018, Cllr. Richard Smith announced that: "Flockton traffic motion carried". He has added the following statements:

So the motion reads "This Council notes that work is now underway to produce an Option Assessment Report in relation to the North Kirklees Orbital Route [NKOR], which will help to determine if this is a viable scheme to develop. Additionally the £77 million Cooper Bridge by pass, linking the A644 near junction 25 M62 and the A62 near Bradley Bar, is currently in the Design phase.

"The Council recognises that both these schemes have the potential to significantly affect the volume and flow of traffic in and around the village of Flockton and on the B6118.

"Given the existing severe traffic problems affecting the village of Flockton and the undoubted increase in the future with developments already in construction and the potential from the Local Plan , the Council recognises that even if it were to overlook the 2 major road schemes already mentioned, without intervention, this situation will only continue to deteriorate. Therefore, the council calls on the Cabinet to undertake an assessment of any impact upon the village of Flockton and B6118 from the NKOR and A62 scheme and to ensure that due consideration is given to the issues in Flockton prior to any work starting on either of these road schemes."


"Which in practice means there is now a marker in the sand, in terms of the major road schemes being considered at the moment, in that when these progress, an assessment must be undertaken on any impact on Flockton and surrounding area. It also means that it is something we can use to pressurise the Cabinet in terms of consideration of Bypass, plus we can use this to discuss related issues at the West Yorkshire Combined Authority. Also MRN [Major Road Network] funding is potentially suitable, and following this motion, it means we can more easily bring up business related to this. So overall a small step in a longer battle, but the fact that this was passed is a much more positive step than where we were at 6 months ago. It is also very encouraging that there was no real opposition to a frank discussion about traffic issues in Flockton."

The campaign continues. Please keep showing your support.