Ongoing Road Closure Information

During the road closure period through Flockton, this post will be added to and updated. You can also join in with conversations on our social media platforms.

People you may wish to report issues to:

Kirklees Highways Princpal Engineer, Andy Walsh: Tel. 01484 221000

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner: 

Latest News

Some lorries think that they can squeeze through the road closed signs, but what may appear to be clear in the mind, is not clear on the ground. However, there are diversions for cars, and visiting local businesses in Flockton, such as the Sun Inn, Jacks Craft Ale House, and local shops, is still encouraged.

Flockton roadworks - Roadworks at the traffic calming end of the village

Flockton closure signs - Signs on Barnsley Road by Hardcastle Lane

Friday 24 August – The road through Flockton reopened around lunchtime.

Wednesday 22 August – Road resurfacing continued throughout the day.

Road resurfacing Flockton -

Monday 20 August – We were expecting the road to reopen on Wednesday 22 August, but this is when resurfacing is due to take place. The road will be planed and resurfaced. It as now anticipated that the road will remain closed, at least until Saturday morning 25 August.

Monday 13 August – Meeting of the Bypass Steering Group

A few things that were mentioned at the meeting:

  • Drains, gulley clearing, and street lighting have been completed.
  • Holmfirth Police intend to monitor HGVs and pavement parking, when the road reopens.
  • On Wednesday 22 August, some road resurfacing work is due to take place.
  • The Bypass steering group is finalising details for a visit by Kirklees Labour Councillor, Peter McBride, to visit the village and witness traffic issues first hand, sometime on Friday 14 September.

Sunday 5 August – The Huddersfield Daily Examiner
Not amused! A disgruntled Jo Windle, Landlady of the Sun Inn, poses for an Examiner photographer behind one of the 'Road Closed' signs in Flockton village.

Joanne Windle - not amused -

Confusion caused by both signage and some of the Kirklees village 'gate keepers', has led to potential visitors to the pub thinking that they cannot reach it and that it is closed. A very small section of the major route has been closed to through traffic for essential drainage works, but visitors to the village are able to gain access through diversions.

Jo said, "We've got a fantastic beer garden and there's absolutely nobody enjoying it."

Read the full story here.

Jo has also appealed to local villagers, via social media, to visit the Sun a bit more often during the road closure weeks.

Saturday 4 August – 07:48 hrs
This foreign driver chose not to stop at Grange Moor, despite both the road closed and all restriction signs, as well as the operatives instructions, resulting in him reversing almost a full mile back up Barnsley Road!

Reversing HGV -

And a very similar lorry tried to do the very same, the following evening – only from the other direction. At least he didn't have to reverse quite so far, using the Sun's car park as his reversing/turning area.

Thursday 2 August – an initial appraisal
After the first couple of days, it seems that 'gate keepers' at each end of the village (by the Black Bull at Midgley and Grange Moor roundabout), are letting most cars through without question, either assuming they are residents, or will easily be able to turn around if they thought they could get through a closed road. Buses are running through the village in both directions, mostly on time, with route diversions where necessary.

Sunday 29 July – Joanne, from the Sun Inn, has provided the following information:
People who are controlling the entry points to Flockton have been told to allow entry to anyone wanting to access businesses within Flockton. Coming from Huddersfield, cars will be diverted up Haigh Lane and back down Pinfold and be able to turn left to access homes and businesses. Throughout the closure only one side of the road will be closed which is on The Sun Inn side of the road up to our top car park from Haigh Lane.

There has been mention of a vehicle escort service through the village, but residents are hoping this may only be used between Haigh Lane and Doctor Lane.

Saturday 28 July – Month-long closure of busy route from Huddersfield to the M1 begins next week:

Flockton by The Huddersfield Daily ExaminerClick on image to link to article by The Huddersfield Daily Examiner

Monday 30 July

The first day of closure brought peace to Flockton, but chaos to surrounding areas. This was Middlestown, early evening:

Grange lane on Thursday 2 August, evening:

Grange Lane -