Bypass Petition Verified for Discussion in September

9 August 2019, from Andrea Woodside, Kirklees Council, to David Rawling

"… your petition has been verified and that the above matter has been listed for the meeting of Council, which will take place on Wednesday 18 September 2019.

"Please note that a representative is permitted to make a five minute verbal submission to present the petition to the meeting, prior to the debate taking place. Following this, the Council debate will then take place, for a maximum of 15 minutes."

Growing Support for a Flockton Bypass

"Very productive week for the Bypass Group. We secured support from Wakefield Council, Denby Dale Planning Council and last night from Kirkburton Parish Council. Next week the big one with the main men at Kirklees Council. Fingers crossed we can secure positive communication between Kirklees and Wakefield Councils in an attempt to secure a joint project for the bypass." – Parish Cllr. Kathryn Middleton (2 August 2019)

More Money Kirklees Council Probably Won't Apply For!

Having previously decided that government money wasn't worth applying for, when it came to reconsidering a bypass for Flockton, it seems unlikely that Kirklees Council will apply for "free money" for potholes. With their heads elsewhere, it's more likely we will hear in the months to come that they don't have money for restoring damaged roads!

So in case our council missed the information, here it is:

What's the worst road in Huddersfield? £350m repair pot up for grabs

The article on ExaminerLive (dated 20 July 2019) begins…

Councils will be able to bid for government cash to repair their worst roads.

Nearly £350m will be available to improve Britain's worst roads under a scheme launched today (July 20) by the Department for Transport.

The scheme is split between two funds: the Challenge Fund which offers £198m for councils to repair their worst roads; and the Pinch Point Fund which has £150m set aside to help local authorities ease congestion on their busiest roads.

The cash from the Challenge Fund can be used to improve the infrastructure of local highways, including bridges and viaducts. The money could also be used for repairing potholes. (Read full article here)

Petition Presentation Day – Wednesday 17 July

Videos of the proceedings will be added gradually. (The Council's sound quality is not always very clear). Here is the first:

Please come to the Huddersfield Town Hall on Wednesday 17th. The Bypass Group is handing the petition into council which will activate a debate to take place in September.

We are arriving around 5 pm to meet the councillors as they arrive for the meeting. Please support us if you can with banners and posters. There will be lifts available for those who are able to go. Thank you all for your support thus far. Much appreciated. We cannot do this without you all on side. – Parish Cllr Kathryn Middleton

Archive link of Council video

Agenda page

See the Agenda (pdf)


Police Monitor Traffic Speeds Through Flockton

4 July 2019

It may have been for only a short time, but it was a welcome sight for villagers to see the Police monitoring traffic speed. Some felt they were in rather an obvious and visible location, but there seems to be general agreement that a few more visits will go some way to drivers realising that the Police could turn up at any time.

Speed monitoring -

Speed monitoring - Speed monitoring -

Positive Meeting with Sitlington area Parish Council

2 July 2019

A small delegation from the Flockton Bypass group, Parish Cllr. Kathryn Middleton, Graham Beckwith, and David Rawling, attended the Sitlington area Parish Council meeting.

The outcome was positive and future meetings are planned with Wakefield Council. Mary Creagh MP, is sending a letter of support with the need for a bypass for both areas to strengthen Flockton's cause.

This increasing collaboration between councils will certainly benefit the whole local area, and not just individual villages.

ExaminerLive Reports on Zebra Crossing Event

As so often happens with news reporting, it's the negative aspects that grab the headlines. In an age of tittle-tattle and drama, where people like nothing more than a moan about everything, before they look at the bigger picture, it's unfortunate that the bit of abuse from a few 'held-up' motorists towards the end of the villager's protest, comes across as something that happened constantly throughout the event. The Examiner starts off as follows:

"Villagers taking direct action to campaign for a bypass for Flockton were sworn and shouted at by motorists held up in the jams.

"A determined group of residents took to the streets on Monday afternoon to try and increase the profile of their cause.

"Some walked up and down between the two pedestrian crossings but others, including Clr John Taylor, deliberately held up motorists by repeatedly walking across one of the zebra crossings as slowly as possible.

"Their actions during the evening commute left some drivers fuming, with tempers boiling over and one motorist making a rude gesture from his car.

"Several irate motorists wound down their windows to have a go at the protesters while one allegedly mounted the pavement in his vehicle to try and get out of the queue and then became involved in an altercation with one of those taking part." (Read the full article here) Gallery photos here.

Campaigners 'floored' to hear there's no cash for Flockton bypass

Clr John Taylor (Con, Kirkburton), who joined in the direct action earlier in July, said: "It was news to everybody that the council had made an attempt to do anything with TfN about Flockton.

"We're asking for that information to be made available to campaigners.

"Where is the report that they wrote and why were myself and other ward councillors not consulted or at the least informed?

Follow-up article from 21 July 2019


Work on the culvert – Pinfold Lane

Update posted by Cllr Richard Smith 10 July 2019

Information regarding Pinfold Lane, Flockon. Please see text of letter from Kirklees for information:

We would like to inform you that there are some drainage works due to commence on Pinfold Lane. This work is being carried out to upgrade the culvert/ drainage system. The work will commence on Monday 15th July 2019 and is likely to last for approximately 3 weeks (weather permitting). The works will be undertaken during the day using 2 way traffic lights. Access will still be available for residents, however there will be times when we will need your cooperation to move any vehicles belonging to yourself or people visiting you. It is inevitable that the works will cause a degree of inconvenience and we will do what we can to keep this to a minimum.If you have any questions about the work, please contact Callum Mapplebeck or Danny Ryan on: 01484 221000 or email: . If you need to contact us outside office hours, please ring Highways Customer Care on freephone: 0800 731 8765.

Revision note, 11 September 2019 – The email in this post is no longer recognised, but you may be able to find a suitable contact from this page:

26 June 2019

We are due to start some work, on an existing culvert on Pinfold Lane, in the next two to three weeks. We will send a letter out to  any residents directly affected by the proposed works nearer the start date.

The map below, shows roughly the length of culvert that we shall be working on (red line). The existing culvert has been constructed as part of the dry stone wall, as such, rather than excavate the culvert, we will be laying a new pipe along the verge edge of carriageway, diverting the culvert into this pipe.

Pinfold map of works -

The works shall be carried out on two way traffic control.

Darren Pickering
Group Engineer
Economy & Infrastructure, Commercial, Regulatory & Operational Services
Highways Operations


Update on the Crossing Walk and Bypass Petition

From the Bypass Steering Group meeting Monday 24 June 2019

Calendar News will be turning up about 4 near/at school (small van only), couple of interviews, including a female with children present, (gender diversity etc., quoted), some filming, then going live at about 6.10 pm

The walk across the zebra crossings will take place on Monday 1 July 2019,  meeting at 4 pm at the school/church entrance driveway if possible. For those of you able to join us – and we really hope you will – please bring window posters, home made banners, etc.

20 mph signs have also started to appear, painted on the roads, today (1 July 2019)

As some of you may be aware, handing in our petition of support for a bypass to Kirklees Council, has not been easy! However, we will now hand it in on 17 July 2019. David Rawling will make his deputation. The council will take the petition and verify it. Councillors will them put it to the council to debate on 18 September at the council meeting.

Police visit
Police have told us they will visit the village in the next couple of weeks to do some traffic enforcement. We'll wait and see!