Ongoing Road Closure Information

During the road closure period through Flockton, this post will be added to and updated. You can also join in with conversations on our social media platforms.

People you may wish to report issues to:

Kirklees Highways Princpal Engineer, Andy Walsh: Tel. 01484 221000

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner: 

Latest News

Some lorries think that they can squeeze through the road closed signs, but what may appear to be clear in the mind, is not clear on the ground. However, there are diversions for cars, and visiting local businesses in Flockton, such as the Sun Inn, Jacks Craft Ale House, and local shops, is still encouraged.

Flockton roadworks - Roadworks at the traffic calming end of the village

Flockton closure signs - Signs on Barnsley Road by Hardcastle Lane

Friday 24 August – The road through Flockton reopened around lunchtime.

Wednesday 22 August – Road resurfacing continued throughout the day.

Road resurfacing Flockton -

Monday 20 August – We were expecting the road to reopen on Wednesday 22 August, but this is when resurfacing is due to take place. The road will be planed and resurfaced. It as now anticipated that the road will remain closed, at least until Saturday morning 25 August.

Monday 13 August – Meeting of the Bypass Steering Group

A few things that were mentioned at the meeting:

  • Drains, gulley clearing, and street lighting have been completed.
  • Holmfirth Police intend to monitor HGVs and pavement parking, when the road reopens.
  • On Wednesday 22 August, some road resurfacing work is due to take place.
  • The Bypass steering group is finalising details for a visit by Kirklees Labour Councillor, Peter McBride, to visit the village and witness traffic issues first hand, sometime on Friday 14 September.

Sunday 5 August – The Huddersfield Daily Examiner
Not amused! A disgruntled Jo Windle, Landlady of the Sun Inn, poses for an Examiner photographer behind one of the ‘Road Closed’ signs in Flockton village.

Joanne Windle - not amused -

Confusion caused by both signage and some of the Kirklees village ‘gate keepers’, has led to potential visitors to the pub thinking that they cannot reach it and that it is closed. A very small section of the major route has been closed to through traffic for essential drainage works, but visitors to the village are able to gain access through diversions.

Jo said, “We’ve got a fantastic beer garden and there’s absolutely nobody enjoying it.”

Read the full story here.

Jo has also appealed to local villagers, via social media, to visit the Sun a bit more often during the road closure weeks.

Saturday 4 August – 07:48 hrs
This foreign driver chose not to stop at Grange Moor, despite both the road closed and all restriction signs, as well as the operatives instructions, resulting in him reversing almost a full mile back up Barnsley Road!

Reversing HGV -

And a very similar lorry tried to do the very same, the following evening – only from the other direction. At least he didn’t have to reverse quite so far, using the Sun’s car park as his reversing/turning area.

Thursday 2 August – an initial appraisal
After the first couple of days, it seems that ‘gate keepers’ at each end of the village (by the Black Bull at Midgley and Grange Moor roundabout), are letting most cars through without question, either assuming they are residents, or will easily be able to turn around if they thought they could get through a closed road. Buses are running through the village in both directions, mostly on time, with route diversions where necessary.

Sunday 29 July – Joanne, from the Sun Inn, has provided the following information:
People who are controlling the entry points to Flockton have been told to allow entry to anyone wanting to access businesses within Flockton. Coming from Huddersfield, cars will be diverted up Haigh Lane and back down Pinfold and be able to turn left to access homes and businesses. Throughout the closure only one side of the road will be closed which is on The Sun Inn side of the road up to our top car park from Haigh Lane.

There has been mention of a vehicle escort service through the village, but residents are hoping this may only be used between Haigh Lane and Doctor Lane.

Saturday 28 July – Month-long closure of busy route from Huddersfield to the M1 begins next week:

Flockton by The Huddersfield Daily ExaminerClick on image to link to article by The Huddersfield Daily Examiner

Monday 30 July

The first day of closure brought peace to Flockton, but chaos to surrounding areas. This was Middlestown, early evening:

Grange lane on Thursday 2 August, evening:

Grange Lane -


Flockton Traffic Survey Results

Following a chase-up by Graham B (Bypass Steering Group), on the recent traffic survey, a reply was received from Phillip Waddington, Principal Engineer of Highway Safety:

“I would be able to provide you with the full data at a cost to yourself as per the Fees and Charges report for Kirklees Council. The data is currently £88 including VAT for each set of count information. There were 7 counts undertaken and shown on the summary sheet giving a total cost of £616. Please could you let me know if you wish to proceed with the request and I will speak to our traffic census team regarding the methods of payment. Kind regards Phill”.

David R, also on the Bypass Steering Group, commented:

“A summary of the data was sent free of charge. There are some rather worrying figures on this alone. [We discovered that the average of 419 HGV’s (7.8% of the overall traffic volume) and the average speed across all the counts (around 28 mph eastbound and 32 mph westbound) travelled eastbound towards the M1 (in 24 hrs), in contravention of the existing weight limit order.] Speeds and HGV numbers (although the latter is only shown as a percentage*). The full information must show a far worse picture with regard to traffic numbers in general, the number of HGVs on the narrow road, and excessive speeds by many. Surely, this data should be fully disclosed, without any cost. If not, why not? we ask.”

Here is a summary of the recent traffic measurements carried out.

Traffic Survey Results Map - with higher resolution text (to download and magnify)

We have been informed that to obtain full details from Highways would cost us £88 per set, so £616 for all 7 sets! he mean averages are obviously impacted upon by slow moving peak time traffic, whilst having 15% shown as exceeding over 37 mph in places is very worrying.

*The 85th percentile as a tool for improving roads and streets.

Please follow discussions about this in our facebook group.


Flockton Residents Receive Proposed Speed Reduction Plan

Flockton residents have received official notice from Kirklees Council, that 20 mph speed limits are to be considered for parts of the village, to improve road safety. This comes after residents requesting a bypass have continued to lobby the Council to take a more proactive stance on the safety of pedestrians, particularly in the more vulnerable areas of the village, such as in the vicinity of the Primary School and existing traffic calming. The images below can be clicked on to enlarge and downloaded if you don’t already have copies.

Any comments or concerns can be sent to the Council, via the email shown in the letter, or made by phone call, by 27 July 2018.

Speed Reduction Proposal Letter -

Speed Limits Map -


Kirklees Leaders Question Time – 16 July

Put your questions, concerning the issues relating to the A637 road through Flockton, to some of our local leaders at a live Question Time style event at Dewsbury Town Hall on Monday 16 July 2018 as part of National Democracy Week.

Kirklees Question Time -

The panel of party leaders will include:

Councillor Shabir Pandor, Labour Group Leader
Councillor David Hall, Conservative Group Leader
Councillor John Lawson, Liberal Democrat Group Leader
Councillor Andrew Cooper, Green Party Group Leader

Come along and ask your questions about the things that matter to you and your community.

How to take part

You can book your free place and submit your question online here.

Submit your question now.

The Kirklees Leaders Question Time is in Dewsbury Town Hall from 7 pm to 8:30 pm (arrival from 6:15 pm) on Monday 16 July 2018.

The event will also be webcast live and citizens can join in via twitter using #KirkleesQT

The event is organised by Kirklees Council.

Full event info – Kirklees Leaders Question Time.


HGV Diversion Route – Flockton 30 July 2018

As reported previously, the road through Flockton will be closed from 30 July 2018 for up to 4 weeks, for drainage repairs and improvements. Mike Wood has provided some details of the proposed route, from Kirklees Council.

Flockton HGV Diversion Map - on image to enlarge)

David Rawling commented on social media, that…

“From the Grange Moor End they [HGVs] should follow their regular diversion. As agreed with Wakefield MDC many years ago, when the one-way system was set up, i.e. Kirklees/Flockton has them going westwards, Horbury/Netherton going eastwards. Ideally, they head towards Wakefield and back out, avoiding Netherton Lane. (But we know which is the shorter).

“Any who usually head for Grange Moor and vicinity, will probably come via Horbury Bridge and to the north of the A637. Those heading towards Huddersfield will, in the main I guess, use this route. Adding about 6 miles and maybe 15 minutes on to their journeys.

“It shows the importance of the A637, lending more weight to the need for a small relief road/bypass avoiding Flockton village. Anyone in the URTU? Or know hauliers? Time for their involvement. It won’t be the last time there will be problems here.”

Flockton Bypass petition will force Councillors to discuss danger road

The latest from The Huddersfield Daily Examiner (25 June 2018)

Huddersfield Examiner Flockton Road -

A petition demanding a bypass for Flockton has gained more than 4,000 signatures meaning Kirklees Council will be forced to debate the issue.

Incensed villagers say enough is enough after a spate of near misses, HGVs flouting the rules by using the main road through the village as a short cut, plus a major spurt in building houses that will lead to more vehicles on the winding road through the village. Read the full article here.

Flockton Bypass

Flockton by David R - village required at least 3,000 signatures before our bypass request could be debated by Kirklees Council.  As of 29 October 2018, we have 4,716 signatures. Still increasing, thanks to all our supporters. All additional signatures are still helpful and will add weight to the increasing call for action from our local authority. (Read more …)

sign our petition -

Please do not make donations on as this money does not go to Flockton Bypass.

Road To Be Closed For 4 Weeks

As previously reported on this Flockton Bypass website, the road through Flockton could be returned to the tranquil backwater it might have become, if all the heavy traffic wasn’t passing through… even if it’s only for a few weeks. The story has now reached the Press and both the Wakefield Express and The Huddersfield Daily Examiner, carry the news.

Roadworks -

Kirklees Council will shut Barnsley Road, Flockton from Monday, July 30 to carry out the repairs after an investigation showed that the drains were badly cracked and starting to collapse. Read more from the Wakefield Express, here.

And the Huddersfield Daily Examiner:

Main Flockton road to be closed for four weeks to stop drains collapsing

The road will be closed between Haigh Lane and Doctor Lane. A diversion will be in place directing local traffic past the Black Bull and through Netherton and Horbury Bridge. Read the full Huddersfield Daily Examiner story, here.


Bypass Public Meeting 15 June 2018

Around 40 to 50 people attended the public meeting for an update on the Bypass campaign, held in Flockton Church from 6:30 pm on Friday 15 June 2018. Although the Police and a representative from Highways weren’t able to send a representative (they were invited), Paula Sherriff, MP, was able to make it to the first 30 to 40 minutes of the meeting, which ended at about 7:45 pm. Our three local Councillors were also present, presenting cross-party unity in support of a bypass for Flockton.

Bypass Public Meeting -
Left to right: Jimmy Paxton, Kathryn Middleton, Paula Sherriff MP, Cllr Bill Armer, Cllr Richard Smith, Cllr John Taylor, David Rawling.

Bypass Public Meeting -

Items mentioned

Paula Sherriff met with [Mr] Jesse Norman, MP (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Department for Transport) – whom she described as being “a reasonable man” – on 21 January 2018 to mention Flockton Bypass. On 12 March 2018, a submission was made in respect of the Major Road Consultation. On 30 April 2018, Paula had a further meeting with Jesse Norman. Paula also said that we have to keep nibbling away and persevering. Nothing major will happen overnight as we are well aware. Everyone can play their part by reporting issues etc.

HGVs and Police ‘participation’
There have been problems enforcing the no access for HGVs from the Grange Moor end of the village. Basically, the Police are waiting for the TRO (Traffic Regulation Order) to be revised which has, in effect, not allowed them, or the Council, to do what was intended when first introduced in the early 70’s. The 4 week closure (see further down this page) will have them undertaking very lengthy diversions! An opportune time to get them backing our campaign, in case of any future issues in the village.

Reporting accidents – no matter how minor
A number of residences have had either near misses with vehicles, or been hit by parts of vehicles. It is important to report all ‘issues’ or events to the 101 emergency number, so that they can be recorded. This way, the Police will be able to build up a ‘map of hot spots’. You can also send details (and any photos) which can be added to this Flockton Bypass website.

A proposed 20 mph speed limit
Cllr John Taylor talked about a village request for a 20 mph limit through the village – the proposed section shown on the map below:

Proposed 20mph limit map - for the shadows, but I snatched this photo in the subdued lighting of the Church). If you click on the map, it will enlarge, and if you download it, you should be able to enlarge it further.

It was pointed out that a full stretch of 20 mph through the village wouldn’t be possible, as from the Grange Moor side, you couldn’t drop a limit from 50 mph down to 20 mph in one go. Similarly, 40 mph down to 20 mph from the other end of the village would have the same issue. Furthermore, a protracted stretch would add to congestion, rather than easing the situation.

Flockton Road Closure
We were informed that the road through Flockton, from the Sun Inn, to Haigh Lane, will be closed for 4 weeks from 30 July 2018. Judging by the audible gasps in the audience, this came as a surprise to most present. The closure is connected to the need to revamp and improve, the sewage system connecting the new builds. During this period, residents will still have access to their homes, but lorries and regular through traffic will be turned around by 24/7 ‘Gate Keepers’ posted at The Black Bull, Midgley and Grange Moor roundabout. (It wasn’t made clear, how they were going to turn HGVs around at the Black Bull, whilst also preventing them from driving down through Netherton). Currently, no solution to allow regular buses has been proposed.

In addition to the sewage system, other work will be carried out by utilities and services, at the same time, including new street lighting.

Kirklees have been in contact with Wakefield Council to inform them of the closure as it will impact on roads in their district too. All residents will shortly be receiving a letter re the closure etc we understand.

Although not intended to trivialise this situation, John Taylor suggested that this might be a good time for any residents with road-side property, to undertake any renovations, since applying to encroach on roads or pavements for scaffolding can cost around £3,000.

Feasibility Study
It was widely agreed that a proper professional feasibility study is required for the village. This would take into account everything to do with road suitability, pavements, traffic, economic viabilities, and so on. The only thing preventing such a study from being commissioned, is money!


Highways Responds to Traffic Recording Strips

Cllr John Taylor has now received a response from Highways, following the recent use of traffic recording (count and speed) strips placed throughout Flockton village, from 16 May 2018.

“The detailed response from Highways about my request, supported by Jacqui Gedman, the Chief Executive and my ward Colleagues for an end to end road safety audit of Barnsley Rd and the reason for the recording strips that were across the road. Rather than summaries I have copied below the entire response.”

“We have now received the speed counts back that we did before the half term holidays, which have allowed us to better assess the extents of any speed limit changes for the village. The team have also spent some time walking up and down the village to get a feel for where the issues are, and looked at the casualty information for the full length of the current 30mph section.

All of the 7 traffic counters we placed recorded speeds in both directions, over the full week, and from that we know that the slowest speeds through the village were recorded on either approach to the school , and then gets gradually faster as you travel away. Phill will also send the full summary of results next week, but the average speed across all the counts is around 28mph eastbound and 32mph westbound.

The 2 outer counters, one approaching Haigh Lane (from Grange Moor), the other approaching Hardcastle Lane, from the M1, also classified the vehicles travelling over them, and identified their direction of travel.

From this information we know that average of 419 HGV’s (7.8% of the overall traffic volume) travelled Westbound* towards the M1 (in 24 hrs), in contravention of the existing weight limit order. Whilst some of those may have been legitimately delivering to the village, it is likely that some are not. We will now be sharing the count information with the Police, so they can target enforcement, once they feel confident that the weight limit order is written in a way that allows them to prosecute without challenge. I know Joe Walker has been in touch with you regarding this.

The team have used all this info to score a scheme to reduce the speed limit through the village, against the Policy and the agreed criteria. They will be contacting you with draft proposals for a 20mph speed limit next week, along with the full count summary for each site.

The hope is that you and your ward colleagues will be able to sense check the limits of the proposed 20mph limit, and then advise on the best methods of consultation with the village residents.

The 20mph limit will be supported by a refresh of all the lining, 20mph repeater signs, both on sign posts, but also in roundels on the carriageway, and features on the ground, on approach to the new 20 limit, to slow traffic down.

The Road Safety team will also be contacting the school this month to discuss working with them on a competition to design some road signs to go at the entrance to the 20mph limit, and also on what additional education and training we can do with them, including refreshing their travel plan, and what we can do to help encourage more of their children to walk to school.

If we start the ball rolling with them now, then they have time to plan time for the sign designs to be worked on when the children return to school after the summer.

That will coincide with, hopefully, the completed consultation with the village, the formal advertising of a scheme through Sept, to allow a scheme on the ground in Oct, assuming no objections are received to the formal advertising.”

John concludes by saying: “Clearly there is a lot to do and with my ward Colleagues we will work with you on the detail regarding this. As I say, this is hot news, from an email I just received and hopefully we can flesh this out a little at the public meeting [held in the Church, on Friday 15 June at 6:30 pm] and I will share more on here as and when I get more detail.”

*Should be Eastbound