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Flockton villagers may, or may not, be aware of the TRO (Traffic Regulation Orders). This relates specifically to that sign you see at Grange Moor roundabout, and a second smaller one, coming down the hill.

No access -

So what's the problem?
The original TRO was written in 1971, using the terminology and language of the time. It was updated in 1992 to conform to metrication of the weight, but since then, Police have said that the prohibition cannot be enforced. This has led to a re-write, costing Kirklees Council £5,500. However, what the wording on the sign should say is up for some debate, as 'No access To M1 through Flockton village', didn't actually help residents.

As a further point of interest, Kirklees Council are apparently responsible for enforcement, according to documentation on their website: "The council's Civil Enforcement Officers enforce the Traffic Regulation Orders on the public highways."

The feeling of the Bypass group, is that the sign should properly enforce the 'agreed with Wakefield' gyratory system, whereby HGVs over the stated weight limit, should only enter Flockton from the east side (Midgley side), towards Grange Moor, and not from Grange Moor, travelling eastwards through the village. Using a sign that says 'Except for access' could possibly be abused by HGV drivers, who pretend that they are making deliveries. To avoid any confusion, or excuses, HGVs should be made to enter and leave the village in only one direction – regardless of whether they are actually delivering, or not. We are not wishing to stop important local traffic, such as farmers, buses, or emergency vehicles – this is purely to prevent the through traffic of articulated lorries/HGVs over 7.5Tonnes in weight.

If after reading about the TRO for Flockton, you wish to have an opportunity to contact Kirklees to state your views or any preferences, contrary to those proposed, then use the information shown below:

If you go to this link, or click on the TRO image below, you will be able to access the documents located at the top of the listings:

Proposed TRO -

Send grounds of your objection in writing to reach the undersigned by not later than 12th October 2018, quoting reference DEV/JE/D116-1804:

Julie Muscroft – Assistant Director – Legal, Governance and Monitoring Kirklees Council, 2nd Floor, High Street Buildings, High Street, Huddersfield, HD1 2ND

Or possibly by email: