Traffic Congestion

Getting out -
A typical morning scene for resident, Peter S, trying to leave his house.

Flockton snow - traffic passes through the village all day long, the times when people are travelling to and from work and school, create the most congestion and often, standing traffic. At times like this, when you are not near enough to a zebra crossing, it's very difficult to get across the road – particularly if you are a child. And why would you want to cross away from the zebra? Because often the route to the zebra is blocked on one side of the road, where pavement is either too narrow to use safely, or non-existent.

At even moderately busy times, between 100 and 150 vehicles a minute, will pass any single point throughout the village.

4:50 pm on a reasonably quiet day. Looking towards Huddersfield with the traffic lights a ½ mile away. Regularly tails back a further ½ mile. Sometimes longer. Makes crossing the road very hazardous and often a lengthy process –  even at the the crossing. (Video provided by David R)

 Flockton congestion - lorries -